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We are a nationwide mobile service for overspray removal and a one or full time maintenance Pressure Washing Service. Our business thrives on local, individual auto overspray claims (such as a paint overspray on cars, road paint damage, asphalt run through damage, graffiti, etc…) as well as handling nationwide multi-claim overspray losses. Our technicians are overspray experts, experienced in knowing the difference from a polish being like a paint conditioner that restores valuable oils to the paint (which eliminates fine scratches and creates an incredible high gloss that would not be possible with wax), a wax protecting the shine, extending its life to a great finish and overspray clay or professional detailing clay bar providing deep paint cleaning safely and completely. Remove Overspray now represents major Casualty Insurance Carriers across the United States.


We also have the technique and technicians to service all residential and commercial structures providing the latest technology in cleaning the basic mold and mildew build-up, all the way up to difficult paint overspray, graffiti, chemical and smoke stains, environmental pollution, etc…


Remove Overspray offers a professional overspray removal service managing/handling the documentation (pre-inspection and release forms, before and after photos) by uniformed overspray removal specialists arriving on site on time. Remove Overspray does the job right the first time; we do not and will not cut corners on managing/handling the clean up of a multi-claim overspray loss or whatever the damage may be. We have a 24-hour emergency service available.

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